Quality Pest Management in Vietnam Since 1995

Absolute Pest Control is the exclusive Vietnam operator of the TermiCam, a high end thermal imaging termite inspection process developed in Australia that uses cutting edge Infra-red spectrum cameras.  

Termites that are otherwise hidden from visual inspections may be detected by thermal imaging since termites active behind surfaces can produce sufficient energy to change surface readings.

Absolute thermographers can find termites with the TermiCam with an unsurpassed ability and efficiency.   The Termicam also allows Absolute to pinpoint the most advantageous location for treatment and confirm if the employed management techniques have ended the discovered in-structure termite activities.

TermiCam inspections may also identify locations inside your facility that is experiencing conditions, such as heavy moisture, water leaks, or wood rot.  All conditions that increase the risk of a termite infestation.