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The Green & Life-Long Wood Protectant!!

Absolute uses and sells Bora-Care® to protect wood from a variety of wood destruction threats.  Bora-Care protects wood against:

* Subterranan Termites
Dry-wood Termites
* Carpenter Ants
Powder-post beeltes
* Old-house borers
* Wood rot caused by fungi

Bora-Care is formulated with care for the environment and your health.  It's active ingredient is a borate mineral salt and the glycol solution enables deep wood penetration.  Bora-Care can remain in the wood for the life time of the wood. 

Use Bora-Care to treat any wood item that needs protection:
* Window frames
* Door Frames
* Wood Flooring
* Structural Beams
Bora-Care should be applied prior to any exterior painting or coating, and for best results prior to installation to ensure full coverage.   Exterior wood should also be treated with a water sealant.   Contact Absolute today for more information.