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Fumigation involves the application of pesticides in a gasous form that works on the target organism by inhalation.  The fumigant (pesticide) often starts as a liquid or solid that when exposed to air proceeds to change into a gas.   This gas then must be contained in the relevant area under sufficient concentrations for sufficent time in order for the target pest to receive a lethal dose.  

Fumigation is a more inherently dangerous pesticide application method since fumigants can be lethal to people, thereby making proper containment of the gas while fumigating and proper areation of the relevant area critical. 

Fumigation is typically used in Vietnam for:
Shipping Containers for export
* Infested food commodities (flour, rice, grain...) 
* Wood pallets per IPPC regulations

Absolute is fully licensed to provide fumigation service in Vietnam.    As with all of our services, we are fully equipped to do the work in a professional manner and are ready to discuss with our clients different fumigation method options depending on their particular needs.