Quality Pest Management in Vietnam Since 1995

While there are a large variety of wood destroying organisms, Absolute is most often called upon to handle wood destroying pests that fall into the category of subterranean termites, dry wood or damp wood termites, wood destroying beetles, and wood damaging fungi. 

Subterranean termites as their name implies typically attack structures from the ground up.  Accessing homes and buildings from the soil, often needing only 1mm space to continue their upwards and outwards foraging in a building. First damaged items typically are door frames, window frames, wood paneling, and built-in shelves & closets.

Dry Wood or Damp Wood termites typically attack untreated wood directly after the item has been installed in the structure.   While wood destroying beetle larvae may attack untreated wood in the structure or be inside the wood item during processing thereby tranfered directly to the buyer.

Wood destroying fungi, or wood rot, can also destroy a variety of wood items that are typically exposed to sufficient moisture.

Absolute Pest Control offers real solutions to all of these pests which may include wood treatment, soil treatment, and bait corrections.