Quality Pest Management in Vietnam Since 1995

The three main species of pest rodents found throughout the world are the Norway Rat (sewer rat), the Roof Rat (black rat), and the house mouse.  

The Roof Rat, infamous for its suspected role in spreading the black death during the middle ages, originates in South East Asia.   With its expert climbing ability the Roof Rat often accesses and travels within buildings following plumbing and wire conduit entry points and routes.

The Sewer Rat is larger than the Roof Rat and true to one of its common names, is often found in and near storm drainage points.  With many of storm drains servicing as food dumping points in Vietnam's cities, Sewage Rats and Roof Rat populations can be extremely large.

Rats are known to:
Spread serious disease
Destroy food stocks
Cause fires started by damage done to electrical wires
Create PR disasters by their public showing in restaurants

Absolute's rat management techniques include strategic trapping, rodenticide usage, entry point identification, and ensuring our clients are aware of other site conditions that may be supporting rodent activity and development.