Quality Pest Management in Vietnam Since 1995

It is famously pointed out that cockroaches, in general, are a very successful insect, with fossil records dating back to 300 million years ago.   Pest species of cockroaches seem no less resiliant and successful than their more distant relatives.

Here in Vietnam, we most commonly deal with the Periplanta americana (American Cockroach) and the Blatta germanica (German Cockroach) The former typically emerges into and around our buildings from heavily infested storm drainage / sewer systems.  The latter type typically gets a ride into our kitchens from puchased food items and then quickly finds suitable conditions for population expansion that they are so very good at.

Pest cockroaches live expertly with us, but us living with cockroaches is not a good idea.   Cockroaches emerge from filthy bacteria laden enviroments, and have a habit of tracking their filth over everything they crawl on.  Cockroaches have been shown to spread serious diseases such as food poisoning, enteritis, diarrhea, gastroenteritis as well as asthma in young children.

Absolute's pest management programs can end cockroach infestations and provide on-going management of this on-going pest threat.