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Ants are social insects, living as part of a greater colony that has been described as a super organism.  The super organism is capable of adaption, decision-making, and other sophisticated actions that we would not attribute to an individual ant.

Some species of pest ants have become well adapted to living inside our homes and other structures.  They may find suitable nesting inside walls, behind skirting, behind paneling or some other hollow location.   

Ant species such as the Ghost Ant, or Singapore Ant may seem to endlessly emerge from hidden locations to forage on our "left-behinds" or even access well stored food items.  

Other types of pest ants may be more "soil based", only occassionally venturing inside our buildings. The Tropical FireAnt seldom forages inside but may easily ruin our ablity to enjoy an outdoor location as their ground based nests can be sizable and their sting painful. 

At Absolute we manage ant problems by first identifying the type of ant we are dealing with, and then deciding on the most effective response.   We may also advise our clients on reducing conducive conditions to ant infestations and take actions that help minimize future threats.