Quality Pest Management in Vietnam Since 1995
Pest Threats

Urban pests (vs agriculture) are generally thought of as animals or plants (fungi) that harm people's health, property, or well-being.   Pest caused troubles for us include:

Spread Disease 
Direct injection of pathogens (eg. mosquitoes, kissing bugs), 
* Contamination of food or food item surfaces ( eg. ants, 
   cockroaches, rodents)

* Airborne pathogens (eg. rodents, birds)

Cause Other Health Issues
Asthema in children (e.g. cockroaches)
* Local inflamation & pain (e.g. centipedes, scorpions,
   biting flies, rove beetles) 

* Allergies, including serious shock reactions (hornets, bees)
* Threatened emotional well-being (e.g. bed-bugs, spiders....)

Destroy Property / Food:
* Destruction of items made of natural materials & wood:   
   (e.g. termites, beetles, fungi)

* Destructive fires (e.g. rodents)
* Food stocks ruined (e.g. rodents, flour beetles)

At Absolute Pest Control we work, both for and with, our clients to manage pests and thereby manage the threats & risks they pose.